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How to survive The Last Day on Earth

In the game The Last Day on Earth, the players are placed in a place or situation where the entire world has a threat of zombie attack. If you want to survive then you will have to secure yourself with weapons to fight against the enemies and enough food to stay in the game, here in this article we are going to reveal some tricks about this game that will help you to survive a little longer in this game. With these tricks you can easily gather some more coins and points and foods for free that will help you whether you are a beginner or a professional.

Tips for surviving this game

  • Survive attacks: You always have a life threat in this game either by zombies or by players. If you attack zombies or group of zombie and your life starts to end or your resources starts draining out then you can easily run away from this situation. You enemies can come crouching and attack you from behind and kill you. You can also crouch and smack them from behind. The human players are also very dangerous as they attack for taking away all the resources you have.
  • Get water and food: Most players die when they run out of food and water. Collecting enough water and food is a priority in this game as your strength is dependent on it. One trick to survive this problem is to find red berries that appear on the map like small trees with red spots. You can collect them and take it down and eat it. In later stages it can help you to produce some improved foods.
  • Get food: You can hunt for animals to get some meat. But try not to eat raw meat as it will only benefit you a little. So arrange for a bonfire and then cook the raw meat as it will help you to get more benefits. There are two types of animal available, one is wolf who will try to kill you and the other is deer. Hunting the deer is the best option by approaching from behind by using stealth. Try to use any decent weapon while attacking any deer.
  • Get water: Running out of water can end your game because of thirst so you need to have at least 6 bottles to survive and you can also drink from rain hunter. This can magically fill the empty water bottles and to build a Rain Hunter you will need 3 clothes, 10 woods and any 2 metals. The woods must be of trees and the clothes must be of dead zombies and the metals should be equally distributed around the vaults.
  • Great farms: To make your own farm you need to have 5 woods as well as 1 fiber plant and some seeds that you want to plant in the garden. For finding any seed you can ago to bushes. As each plant takes a long period to produce food hence try to plant many of them. And try to cook the food as it will benefit you with extra credits.


Follow these easy Last Day on Earth cheats tips to stay longer in the game and master this game.

Last Day on Earth Cheats
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